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2024 Flower Subscriptions


Sally H.

You have no idea how much joy your flowers bring me each week.  Thank you for making my days brighter and helping me do so for others!  You have such a gift!

IMG_0568 2.jpg

Katie J.

Every Friday I look forward to picking out my beautiful bouquet that will brighten my kitchen for the week.  Your flowers bring so much joy to my family!


Valerie H.  

Having fresh flowers in my house puts a smile on my face.  They brighten my kitchen (or wherever), and on occasion have been passed on to someone who needs a smile.


Ashley F.

I love having the splash of color around and gifting myself something that is helping a small business/a friend fulfill a dream.


Meredith G.

I look forward to them every week!  It's a nice surprise to see which flowers are blooming.


Katherine D. 

I love the flowers! My kitchen - both at home and at my camper - has been more cheerful with weekly flower deliveries!

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