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Selling bulk flowers by the bucket

If you're growing tulips as a cut flower, you know that even with early, mid, and late varieties, tulips come on like tornado! We experienced a 90 degree stretch of days in Kansas and that caused 5-7,000 tulips to try to bloom over a 3 day period. I needed room in my cooler so I chose to sell flowers by the bucket for events, parties, or just because! We sold around 700 stems in just a few days and opened up our cooler space for the rest of the tulips that we needed to store.

Not only is this is a quick way to move a lot of flowers at once, it decreases labor because I'm not doing any arranging. We bunch them in 10s, the customer doesn't get to choose colors, unless they would like to pay extra. A large majority go with "grower's choice", which is whatever is freshest in the field.

The great response to these buckets has taught me to market these to different groups of customers, not just wedding customers, as that is how we market previously.

Here is a link to our current bucket offers. We will be changing the wording and will remove the word "wedding" from our marketing.

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